Local Digital
Marketing Reimagined

Connecting Your Businesses to your Most Valuable Audience... The People Directly Around Your Storefront's Location! 

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Be a Local Anywhere

No matter where you are in the City, you'll be in the know like never before. Through a proximity-based HUB, Spoke Locally delivers you content from the local businesses around you.


With the convenience of a Google Search paired with the quality of content found on Instagram, you'll not just know what's there, but what's happening there!

Be In The Loop

Click on a post from the Hub to engage with that local business. You can STAR a business to receive a notification when they post.

Bring Your Friends

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Don't leave your friends out! Navigate to the top right corner of the businesses page to share.

We're extremely grateful for you sharing our app. As a local Indy Startup, we rely heavily on the support from this community of friends.

Meet Our Team

Aaron Miller CEO

  • LinkedIn

Reach out to me about signing your business up on Spoke Locally for FREE!



Hanna Wade VPofT 

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Hanna joined the Spoke Locally team to help navigate the technical aspects of building and launching two mobile platforms. Thank you, Hanna!


Matt Baggott CMO

  • LinkedIn

Reach out to me about partnership opportunities & questions about Spoke Locally for Consumers!