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Connecting Your Business to your Most Valuable Audience... The People Directly Around Your Storefront's Location! 

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Local Digital Marketing Made Easy! 

Spoke Locally was built based on the conversations and feedback with Indy's Local Business Owners & Marketers. From the start, we wanted to create an ethical solution that stood for the success and support of Neighbors and their local businesses.


Target Your Most Valuable Audience 

With proximity-based targeting, you can effectively target the residents & visitors directly around your storefront. These are the people proactively in your community searching, willing, and able to make decisions based on local content.

Better Awareness & Engagement 


Spoke Locally is the most effective solution to drive real revenue to your business from the people around you. On Spoke Locally you’ll see a 10x in user engagement compared to traditional social media platforms.

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Analytics That Matter

Saving Time & Money

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Receive analytics that delivers insights into your audience and help drive better decision-making. We provide insights on Views, Clicks, STAR's, and Locations and the resources to best understand them. This allows you to measure consumer habits when interacting with your content, as well as the location of people viewing your posts.

No longer waste time on creating content and constantly engaging the same top 20% of social media followers to drive revenue digitally. No longer comply with large subscription fees for local marketing platforms driving revenue out of your business Monthly. Now you can engage and target the most valuable audience seamlessly, all the while saying goodbye to subscription fees, and hello to a one-time, affordable lifetime price.

Alex B.

"I had no idea that Ellison Brewery was having a pumpkin carving event until I found it on the app. The app led me and my friends to go and we had a fantastic time!!"

Courtney G.

"I found my new fav spot, Java House

because of the deal they posted"

Abby S.

"Whenever I need new inspiration for where to eat around me I go to the Spoke app. I love that it focuses on local businesses 

around Indy."

Emma H.

I wasn’t sure where to spend my morning study time, but decided to go to Command Coffee because the app showed me that they currently have a seasonal November mocha special.

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Spoke Locally serves all types of local businesses and organizations; from restaurants, bars, boutiques, galleries, venues, farmers markets, food halls and so much more.

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